kairkokaine May 06, 2013
Ziippity Bobbidy Boopic

Ziippity Bobbidy Boo

I almost look like I like winter... which I don't. I wish I could live some place where it is summer all the time, and…
kairkokaine Jan 08, 2013
kairkokaine Dec 15, 2012

Reasons why I should be fat

I train just so I can eat more of those delicious food.
6 new pics
kairkokaine Dec 01, 2012
Let me kiss you!pic
New hair!!!pic

New hair!!!

I can't help but change my hair style every once in a while. Hair dye is like a drug to me ahah
kairkokaine Sep 04, 2011


Picture by my friend Nina SIeu : http://ninasieu.co.cc/ . It was so fun to work with her and Émilie. T-shirts and tutus by me. www.irave.ca.
kairkokaine Jul 20, 2011
Color overdosepic

Color overdose

That's how I feel with that new hair. I got compared to popsicles and Lady Gaga... oh well ahahah. I love it, but I already…
kairkokaine Apr 26, 2011
Pony hairpic

Pony hair

It took nearly 12 hours but I did it! Still need a little work on the blond though but since I was coming from black…
kairkokaine Apr 22, 2011
Partying, partying yeah!pic

Partying, partying yeah!

The little shot is for my friend who just can't handle alcool ahah :P Tonight is the Fishbitch II, which is my annual house party. I…
kairkokaine Apr 01, 2011


Recently, I've discovered K-pop, which is Korean pop! I simply love it and it makes me want to learn korean just so I can understand…
kairkokaine Mar 21, 2011
I got the powerpic

I got the power

My friends and I to an all white party. I just couldn't help but wear my red sunglasses... I don't like to fit in! The…
kairkokaine Feb 13, 2011

LUSH skin care products review. Part II

Hey guys, these past few weeks have been kind of a blur for me, I had so little time to continue my review on the…
kairkokaine Feb 07, 2011
You had it coming, girl.pic

You had it coming, girl.

Drinking in the street is illegal in Montreal. I'm such a badass. That night we went to see a soccer match, and we ran naked…
kairkokaine Feb 03, 2011
Les go swiming!vid

Les go swiming!

My friends and I had to go take a picture of us in a mall fountain wearing swimsuits as a dare. We did, and someone…
kairkokaine Jan 21, 2011
Well, well, well, with a woman like you who needs to get out of bed.pic

LUSH skin care products review. Part I

So I have a problem prone skin. I do not have the big acne thing, but I do have pimples, blackheads, oily skin etc.... I…
kairkokaine Jan 02, 2011
Getting ready for christmas partypic
Come sail with me!pic

Come sail with me!

I bought this cap two days ago in a thrift store. I cost 1.99$ and now I can't take it off!!! I wish I could be…
kairkokaine Dec 04, 2010
You are my sweet little heart breakerpic

You are my sweet little heart breaker

Single for a month and still haven't figured out how to ask a guy out ahahaha Gotta take my time i guess
kairkokaine Nov 05, 2010

Halloween is my favorite time of the year!!!

I've been really busy lately with the school and my new appartment... I've just finished de mid-session exams and I am exausted. Hopefully I have…
kairkokaine Nov 05, 2010

DIY Pokemon wine glass

Hey everyone! I've decided it is time for me to do some DIY tutorials. I wanna share with you guys my ideas of cool things…
kairkokaine Sep 21, 2010
Blue's the new blonde.pic
New hair!pic

New hair!

Since I quit my job, I can finally have my blue hair as I wanted it from the start. I didn't like being blonde anyway...
kairkokaine Aug 30, 2010
IMG 4606pic
kairkokaine Jul 28, 2010

You're my little dark dynamite

It's always been hard for my to pick up my room. Everything that needs to be near is covering my bed, desk and library... I…
kairkokaine Jun 07, 2010
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